Let your mirror speak

Make sure your reflection and your self-image come together again. And fall in love with yourself again. Because it's not about how others see you, but how you look at yourself.

No Trace Face® 

Our treatment philosophy - Doctors at Soap introduced the No Trace Face® philosophy in the Netherlands right at the start of the clinics in 2013. You should never look treated! Only younger, fresher and more rested.


Botulinum toxin

Headaches, excessive sweating, disturbing frown lines and crow's feet: we can now treat this very safely with botulinum toxin.


Is your skin losing volume and elasticity? Hyaluronic acid fillers fade wrinkles and give the skin back its volume by filling in fine lines, deep grooves or folds in the face.

Eyelid corrections

Do you have a tired look and/or extremely drooping eyelids? Frequent headaches or a reduced field of vision? These are the most common indications for surgical eyelid correction. With an eyelid correction you will regain your rested look, so that you will look a lot more awake.


Do you want tighter skin, which makes you look younger and fresher right away? With a Profhilo treatment we can rejuvenate your skin. The treatment is safe and virtually painless.

Skin booster

Is your skin missing a natural glow, and can you use a real boost? Then Restylane Skinboosters the solution for you! Restylane is the thinnest hyaluronic acid.

No Trace Face Lift ®

The NO TRACE FACE LIFT® was specially designed by DOCTORS AT SOAP's medical director, Dr. David Mosmuller, to rejuvenate the face with a non-surgical facelift.

Skin rejuvenation

Laser facials - Unique to Doctors At Soap are our self-developed laser facial treatments. In combination with the YAG LASER from DUETTO MT EVO, our college-trained skin therapists give the most intensive facials to improve and keep your skin in shape.

Hair removal

At Doctors At Soap we treat with the very best laser available. We are proud to say that we are the number 1 in laser hair removal. We can treat all skin and hair types.


Plexr is a medical device that does not cut or stitch. It is an innovative alternative to surgical procedures such as eyelid lifting, removing excess skin and firming the skin.

“It's about how you look at yourself and not how others look at you. If your mirror image does not quite match how you feel, we will be happy to help you with that. With our own No Trace Face method where you can never look treated. Fresher, more rested, younger and with an open mind.”

David Mosmuller

Co-Owner, Medical Director
& Cosmetic doctor


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