Chiri Loeters

Cosmetic doctor

Chiri developed a fascination for anatomy, surgery and aesthetics early in her medical training. She has gained extensive experience in plastic surgery and became a member of several surgical associations. Her in-depth anatomical knowledge enables her to treat in a targeted and safe manner.


As a dedicated professional, Chiri is constantly abreast of the latest developments in cosmetic medicine. Her eye for detail and aesthetic insight make her a specialist in creating natural results, leaving her clients looking fresher, younger and more energetic. She was internally trained at Doctors at Soap, where she embraced the 'No Trace Face' principle.


Chiri is known for her personal approach and attention to her clients. She likes to take the time to listen to your wishes and expectations. Together with you she makes a plan, so that you can achieve the best result. Specializing in botox, fillers and other innovative treatments, she brings out your natural beauty.


You can make an appointment with Chiri in Amsterdam.

BIG-number: 89932152001