David Mosmuller

Co-Owner, Medical Director and cosmetic doctor KNMG

Dr. David Mosmuller studied medicine at the University of Maastricht and then obtained his doctorate at the plastic surgery department of the VUmc in Amsterdam for his research into the cosmetic results of cleft lip reconstructions. He has several publications to his name in various medical journals. He also gained extensive experience as a doctor in plastic surgery, general surgery and general medicine. He has been working as a doctor at Doctors At Soap since 2013 and works according to the ‘No Trace Face’ principle.

Dr. David Mosmuller specializes in treatments with botulinum toxin, fillers, general skin improvement and rejuvenation through lasers, Tixel and Plexr. Quality and a beautiful and natural result are his top priorities.

By attending conferences and attending workshops, he is constantly aware of the latest developments in cosmetic medicine. dr. In addition to his work as Medical Director and physician at Doctors at Soap, David Mosmuller also works as a medical researcher in the plastic surgery department at VUmc.

BIG-number: 89913668301