Diederik van Imhoff

Board member NVCG, Trainer and Cosmetic doctor KNMG

Diederik van Imhoff studied medicine at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and is a member of the NVCG. Diederik has been a doctor in surgery for over five years, gaining a lot of experience in minor surgical procedures. Not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad, including Australia. and South Africa. This makes Diederik a perfect leading doctor of DOCTORS AT SOAP. Quality, precision and reliability are the most important factors in his work.

“In principle, we treat based on the patient's wishes and, of course, we also rely on our own expertise and provide sound advice. During a facial analysis, I mark the problem areas and explain the treatments step by step. The visible result around the eyes is often striking, whereby a tired face can change into a fresh look after a treatment and this ensures a younger appearance.”

In addition to performing result-oriented treatments, Diederik is also a trainer of ultrasound ultrasound. This is in consultation with Erasmus. This allows you to properly visualize the face and see exactly where certain vessels and, for example, permanent fillers are located, and this allows you to fine-tune the treatment for an optimal result. The No Trace Face technique, which you can use – with minimal resources – fresher and healthier looking is of course also one of his specialties. He achieves the desired effect by making a feasible and realistic plan together with the client, in the way that suits him or her. After all, beauty is different for everyone.

BIG-number: 39916393101