Jalini Bindraban

Chef de clinique Rotterdam and Cosmetic doctor

Drs. Jalini Bindraban studied medicine at the Amsterdam UMC location AMC, she graduated in 2019. During her training, she got the most energy from contact with her patients and from detailed work with her hands. In line with this, she has completed additional internships in the field of plastic surgery at the OLVG and the Erasmus MC. After her studies, she focused on surgery and committed herself to the social restrictions during the corona period.

Within cosmetic medicine, Jalini can apply her passion and skills in the field of aesthetic insight, quality and medical knowledge. “Seeing people with more self-confidence after my treatments gives me so much satisfaction. Knowing that my clients can contribute to society with confidence.”

Jalini uses the principles of the 'No Trace Face' technique to maintain the balance between a fresher, younger and more rested appearance through natural treatment results. “Seemingly small adjustments can make a big difference in someone else's life.”

BIG-number: 19926809001