Joost Govaert

Cosmetic doctor

drs. Joost Govaert studied medicine at the University of Leiden. After his internships, he worked for 2 years as a doctor in the dermatology department at LUMC Leiden. He then worked for 1 year as a doctor in the surgery department in the Spaarne hospital in Haarlem. In 2002 he made his final choice and started training as a radiologist in which he specialized as an intervention radiologist. His sub specializations within radiology are mammography and (intervention) musculoskeletal radiology

Since 2007 he has worked as an intervention radiologist at the Bethesda hospital in Hoogeveen, which merged with hospitals in Emmen and Stadskanaal in 2015 to form Treant Zorggroep.

Joost has always been interested in dermatology and the aesthetics of the human face and has followed developments in this field with great interest.

After working as a radiologist for 20 years, he found it a great challenge to continue his career as a cosmetic doctor. First in combination with radiology. His extensive experience with needles (also under ultrasound guidance) within intervention radiology is an advantage to work carefully as a cosmetic doctor.

Joost followed an internal training within Doctors at Soap, where the principle of “no trace face” appeals to him very much. In addition to fillers and botulinum toxin, he also wants to become proficient in other cosmetic procedures. Making a person happy starts with creating a fresh friendly appearance, which he would like to achieve together with you.

Joost works at our location in Utrecht and is always open to an exploratory conversation in which he will speak to you in a pleasant and calm manner and will be happy to advise and treat you honestly and professionally.

BIG-number: 49052657601