Karen van Os

Cosmetic doctor

Drs. Karen van Os completed her medical studies at Utrecht University. After having enjoyed working as a doctor in surgery and urology for several years, she trained as a medical specialist in nuclear medicine. In addition to working in a hospital as a medical specialist, Dr. Karen van Os has studied cosmetic medicine. Here she has more patient contact and can be busy with her hands. In cosmetic medicine she can express her passion for people and for creation.

Karen believes it is important to be a doctor to everyone. She listens to your wishes in order to achieve a beautiful natural result together. Getting older is only good, but it could be a little softer. Karen likes to make clients look fresher and less tired without looking “treated” to look out. That is why the ‘No Trace-Face’ from Doctors at Soap suits her well.

Drs. Karen van Os is specialized in treatments with botulinum toxin, fillers and overall skin improving products. Her way of working is precise, careful and honest. Before the treatment, she takes extensive time to discuss the patient's expectations and to explain the options.

Doctor Karen stands for quality and customer focus. Her goal is to allow patients to age gracefully and to give patients a fresh look and a sense of self-confidence with her treatments.

Karen has consultations every week in Haarlem and in Utrecht.

BIG-number: 09063474001