Laura Vogels

Cosmetic doctor

Drs. Laura Vogels obtained her degree in Medicine from the University of Amsterdam with an average degree of 8,2. With her affinity for aesthetics and surgery, Laura was trained internally at Doctors At SOAP as a cosmetic doctor according to the 'No Trace Face' principle. She has gained extensive experience in cardiothoracic surgery, where she learned many skills in the field of fine motor actions.

With her knowledge, dedication and eye for detail, she is able to give every client appropriate and honest advice and then, if necessary, provide targeted and safe treatment.
Laura strives to help every client with a confident fresh look, without losing anyone's unique beauty. Specialized in botox, fillers and skin improvement, a beautiful natural result can be achieved.

'It is great to be able to commit yourself to the well-being of others and, with the help of knowledge and skills, to ensure that clients feel as good on the outside as they do on the inside.'

BIG-number: 29933793401