Nadine Verburg

Cosmetic doctor KNMG

Drs. Nadine Verburg studied medicine at Radboud University in Nijmegen. In stressful situations she knows how to put patients at ease by exuding calm and confidence, she gained this experience when she worked for several years in the emergency department. Because she missed the long and intensive contact with patients, she specialized as a general practitioner. In addition to her work as a general practitioner, she has always been interested in cosmetic medicine. She has had several years of experience with treatment with botulinum toxin and fillers. The combination and variety of the medical and aesthetic gives her great satisfaction.

Nadine thinks it is important that people feel comfortable with her. She is friendly and easily accessible, also takes the time to look at the wishes and expectations together. She loves a beautiful and natural result, which she achieves through the NO TRACE FACE principle. Creating a positive feeling with something small is what she stands for.

Nadine has office hours in Eindhoven every week.

BIG-number: 19918123801