Ninette van Es

Chef de Clinique Utrecht and Cosmetic doctor KNMG

Drs. Ninette van Es studied medicine at Utrecht University. In 2002 she started training as an orthopedic surgeon from the AMC, during which time she gained a lot of experience with surgical procedures. In 2008 she finally decided to switch to general practice because she wanted to practice medicine again in the full breadth of the profession.

In order to be able to work more with her hands again and because of her special interest in aesthetics, she has extensively studied cosmetic medicine since 2014 through various training courses.

The ‘NO TRACE FACE principle’ made her then specifically opt for internal training at DOCTORS AT SOAP. A subtle refreshment of your face, with minimal means, is what she stands for.

The PLEXR method (for, among other things, a subtle eye lift) is one of her specialties in addition to minor surgical procedures. From her background as a general practitioner, she also has thorough knowledge of common skin conditions (such as acne, rosacea, eczema, sun damage, hyperpigmentation) and she can advise you on how you can improve or optimize the condition of your skin.

She is very skilled, reliable and a good listener.