Sterre Hamann

Cosmetic doctor KNMG

Drs. Sterre Hamann studied medicine at Maastricht University. After graduating in 2015, she spent four years doing PhD research on varicose veins at the Dermatology Department at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. During this time she has gained a lot of experience in the field of varicose vein treatments, but also a lot of general dermatological knowledge. As a result, she has developed a critical and analytical eye, which helps her to recognize the different processes of skin aging.

Sterre is internally trained at Doctors at Soap according to the ‘No Trace Face’ principle. With the help of injectables and skin improvement, she can make the face look fresher and less tired in a natural way.

Sterre likes to take the time for her clients to clarify their wishes and expectations and to come to a treatment plan together. With her calm and patient attitude she tries to put everyone at ease.