Tjinta Brinkhuizen

Cosmetic doctor and Dermatologist

"When someone says to you: You look so good, you shine! Then I have done my job well. I help people grow old gracefully. That is the result that gives me small (smile) wrinkles."

Tjinta studied Medicine at Maastricht University. At the Department of Dermatology of Maastricht UMC+ she conducted research for KWF Kankerbestrijding into the development and treatment of skin cancer. Later she combines this with a Dermatology training, also at the university hospital of Maastricht, where she still works at the Aesthetic Center. In addition, this experienced dermatologist also uses her broadly developed knowledge and experience in the Dermatology Department at the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. In her pursuit of continuous quality in her field, Tjinta also provides refresher courses, trains dermatologists and is a board member of the Dutch Association of Cosmetic Dermatology (NVCD).

Tjinta specializes in peels, injectables and other cosmetic treatments. She specializes in total treatment.

In combination with her focus areas oncology and surgery – more specifically the treatment of skin cancer and its surgical treatment – she practices her beloved profession to the fullest extent.

Where Tjinta helps her customers with attention and love to grow old gracefully, she prefers to view them as a whole. She explains to clients why certain wrinkles arise and why she should do what she does – often a combination of treatment methods – to achieve the desired effect. There is therefore never any question of randomly filling a wrinkle.

Tjinta has office hours in Eindhoven every week.

BIG-number: 29911975001