Hair Removal 2.0 – Laser hair removal

Permanent hair removal through laser treatments

Do you suffer from unwanted hair growth and are you tired of constant shaving, waxing and epilating? Then a permanent hair removal treatment is the perfect alternative! Experience what it's like to have smooth and soft skin instead of red bumps after shaving. At Doctors At Soap we work with the latest technology in the field of laser hair removal, or hair removal 2.0. We are proud to say that we work with the number 1 laser for permanent hair removal, the DUETTO laser. This is a combined Alexandrite and Nd-YAG laser. It can effectively treat all skin and hair types. Because you may experience minor pain during the treatment, the skin will be constantly cooled to make you as comfortable as possible. How often should you repeat the treatment? On average 6 times for the best and most beautiful result.

How does it work?

Book a single zone session, such as armpits, bikini or entire legs. You can also go for one of the most booked combinations such as bikini + armpits, whole legs + Brazilian + armpits or put together your own combination.

Do I get discount at Doctors at Soap?

Certainly! All standard prices have been reduced and on top of that we offer combination deals, making it cheaper to have multiple zones lasered at the same time. Super handy. You decide whether you pay for all 6 sessions at once or whether you pay per treatment (and therefore spread out). We recommend that you schedule all your sessions in advance, then you are assured of a place in the agenda. Do you need more than 6 treatments? Then you will receive a 50% discount on the other treatment(s).

Prices combideals

  • Armpits + bikini €210 --> €149
  • Armpits + brazilian €230  -->  €163
  • Entire legs + armpits + bikini €612  -->  €436
  • Lower legs + armpits + bikini €435  -->  €310
  • Lower legs + armpits + brazilian €455  -->  €324
  • Lower legs + armpits €300 -->  €214
  • Entire legs + armpits €537 -->  €383
  • Chin + upper lip €100 --> €71
  • Back + chest / chest + belly (men) €705  -->  €503
  • Or make your own combination!


Prices Single zones 

  • Armpits: €75 --> €56
  • Bikini €135  --> €101
  • Brazilian €155  --> €116
  • Entire legs €402  --> €302
  • Lower legs €225  -->  €169
  • Upper legs €300 --> €240
  • Back (men) €425  -->  €319
  • Chest (men) €280  -->  €210
  • 1 facial zone €50 --> €40
  • Upper lip €50 -->  €40
  • Entire face €120 --> €96
  • Entire arms (men) €225  -->  €169
  • Entire arms (women) €200  -->  €150
  • Lower arms (men) €150 -->  €113
  • Lower arms (women) €125  -->  €94
  • Areola €50 -->  €40


Advantages Hair removal 2.0 laser treatment at Doctors at Soap:

  • Safe treatment method
  • Treatment possible at multiple locations throughout the Netherlands
  • Treatment by specialized doctors
  • After the treatment, your doctor is always available for questions

Laser hair removal: before the treatment

Before laser hair removal, it is important that you have not had any sun exposure for 4 to 6 weeks. A few days prior to the treatment you should no longer shave the hair, the laser works most effectively when stubble of 2 to 3 mm is present. Please do not apply body lotion or deodorant prior to treatment.


Treatment for laser hair removal

During the hair removal, a cooling is used to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for you. You will experience a heat development and a sensation that is comparable to pinpricks in the skin.


After the treatment

After the laser hair removal, the skin may still have some redness due to the heat, which disappears after a few hours. Give your skin time to lose heat, avoid heat sources such as a sauna or an intensive workout for 24 hours.


Do's & don'ts

  • Do not use body lotion or deodorant prior to treatment.
  • 4-6 weeks prior to treatment, limit sun exposure or use tanning beds.
  • 1 week prior to the treatment no use of self tanning.
  • No sauna, long hot bath or intensive workout 24 hours after the treatment.
  • We advise you not to wax during the treatment period.