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Free consult with doctor

You can always expect fair and clear advice from the doctor. If you choose to be treated immediately? Then the assistant will take a picture of you and will prepare the materials for your treatment.

Male bo-tox

More and more men book "a jab to improve their appearance". Think of removing a large frown line, treating crow's feet, reducing deep forehead wrinkles or to give the corners of the mouth a lift.

Moisturizing Lip Filler

Do you also want beautiful, healthy, full and hydrated lips that look natural? Then we recommend our moisturizing lip fillers for naturally full lips.

Volumizing lips

Would you like a little more volume in your lips? But do you want a natural effect? Then we recommend our volumizing lip treatment, with our no trace face technique. Beautiful full lips, in a natural way.

Lip Lift

Did you know that really don't per se need a full lip filler, but that we can make your lips fuller, give a lift and remove lines with micro injections?

I don’t know which lip treatment is best for me – consult

Don't know which lip treatment is suitable for you? And would you like advice from a doctor? Book a free consultation with the option of being treated immediately.

Botulinum toxin

Headaches, excessive sweating, disturbing frown lines and crow's feet: we can now treat this very safely with botulinum toxin.


Is your skin losing volume and elasticity? Hyaluronic acid fillers fade wrinkles and give the skin back its volume by filling in fine lines, deep grooves or folds in the face.


Do you want tighter skin, which makes you look younger and fresher right away? With a Profhilo treatment we can rejuvenate your skin. The treatment is safe and virtually painless.

Skin booster

Is your skin missing a natural glow, and can you use a real boost? Then Restylane Skinboosters the solution for you! Restylane is the thinnest hyaluronic acid.

Medical Injectables

Do you suffer from excessive sweating? Or do you suffer from migraines, a tired look or grinding your teeth? Botulinum toxin toxin to the rescue! With the medical injectables treatment of DOCTORS AT SOAP, these physical discomforts are quickly a thing of the past.


Sculptra is a very effective treatment for rejuvenation and firming of the skin. Sculptra consists of natural lactic acid and is a strong stimulator for the production of collagen type I and III.

No Trace Face Lift ®

The NO TRACE FACE LIFT® was specially designed by DOCTORS AT SOAP's medical director, Dr. David Mosmuller, to rejuvenate the face with a non-surgical facelift.

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