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Is your skin losing volume and elasticity? Hyaluronic acid fillers fade wrinkles and give the skin back its volume by filling in fine lines, deep grooves or folds in the face. Dark bags can thus be tackled and even a bump on the nose can be corrected. The fillers are also perfect for filling lips or lifting cheekbones: full, voluminous lips or higher cheekbones are the result of this. With a hyaluronic acid treatment you see immediate results, so you look fresh and healthy again!

Advantages of filler treatment at Doctors at Soap

  • Safe treatment method
  • Immediate result visible
  • Treatment at multiple locations throughout the Netherlands
  • Treatment by specialized doctors
  • After the treatment, your doctor is always available for questions

Everything you always wanted to know about fillers


What is a hyaluronic acid filler?

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin. It gives volume and stimulates connective tissue cells. These are the cells that make collagen and elastin. In aging skin, the amount of this decreases, causing the skin to lose volume and elasticity. This can cause wrinkles. With hyaluronic acid fillers, the skin regains its volume and natural elasticity and wrinkles fade. We literally put something in it (hyaluronic acid) to make the face softer. But what we put in it also ensures a better skin structure, even up to 5 months after the treatment! Your skin regains its elasticity, volume, tightening and a natural lifting of the face. The gel increases moisture levels and gives the skin structure and natural volume, blurring lines, strengthening the face shape or creating fuller lips.

NB By law, doctors are allowed to treat patients cosmetically from the age of 18. This may soon be changed to older than 25 years. Doctors at Soap is in favor of this.

If your age is now between 18 and 25, the doctor will assess during the (free) consultation whether treatment is necessary or not desired. In addition, all doctors work according to our NO TRACE FACE principle. The doctor always retains the option of choosing not to treat.

Is Hyaluronic Acid Safe?

DOCTORS AT SOAP restores wrinkles due to volume loss exclusively with (temporary) hyaluronic acid fillers. Fillers with hyaluronic acid have been used on millions of people (medically and cosmetically) since 1996, they are safe and have no allergic reactions. We consciously work with the Restylane brand, because this is a brand for which more than enough research data is known. The results are not permanent, because hyaluronic acid is broken down and processed again by your own enzyme -hyaluronidase.

How long does a treatment take

Depending on whether you want a numbing cream first, a treatment takes an average of 30 minutes and - how nice- the results are immediately visible. If you would like the anesthetic cream first, please indicate this when making your appointment, so that we can schedule it. Anesthetic is not always necessary, but in consultation with your doctor, you can opt for a local anesthetic by injection (just like the dentist) or with an anesthetic cream (EMLA), depending on the location and extent of the treatment.< /p>

What types of fillers are there?

Fillers can be roughly divided into 2 groups: the degradable (temporary) and non-degradable (permanent) fillers. Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Restylane and Juvederm, are biodegradable fillers. Non-degradable are Polymethyl methacrylate (Artecoll) and Hydrophilic polyacrylamide (Aquamid). The permanent means are prohibited in cosmetic medicine.

Doctors at SOAP only works with temporary fillers because they are very natural and have virtually no side effects. In addition, you can guide your age-related facial change as undetectable as possible. The filler remains in the face for about 9-12 months.

What can a filler treatment restore?

Do you suffer from puffiness or a tired appearance? Or are you very sporty but with a toned body you get a skinny face with hard strong lines? Do you have sun damage from the past that is now showing? Or is your skin on your neck, hands or décolleté? slacker? Then a hyaluronic acid treatment can restore your skin and make it firm and strong again. After all, your skin is the largest organ with the function of protecting your body. Healthy skin is therefore indispensable for a healthy body.

How does the treatment work and is it painful?

A filler treatment usually takes less than 30 minutes. After disinfecting the skin, the cosmetic doctor places the filler (a transparent gel) directly under the skin with a very thin needle. There is anesthetic in the gel so you hardly feel the pricks. If necessary, we can anesthetize the skin additionally. The treatment lasts about half an hour and you can resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment. The treatment consists of a number of injections. The injections can be sensitive in some places. It is a very local treatment and therefore has no effect on the rest of the body. Are you sensitive by nature? Then take 1000mg paracetamol (2 tab of 500mg) one hour before the treatment. Skin testing is not necessary as Restylane does not contain any animal ingredients.

Are there any side effects?

You can expect some redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, itching and/or bruising after treatment with hyaluronic acid. The same reactions that can happen with any other injection. However, the discomfort is only temporary and usually disappears within a few days. If you easily retain moisture, this can last for several days. Not sure how to react? Then schedule your treatment if you don't have any important or social meetings for a few days. With lip augmentation, it is wise to choose your treatment time carefully because lips can look swollen and somewhat uneven for a few days. In some cases there is a bruise. This disappears after a few days and can easily be camouflaged if desired. An injection always carries the risk of infection. This risk is small and does not have to affect the result.

Is a hyaluronic acid treatment for everyone?

It is important that you inform your treating physician about previous cosmetic treatments and any health problems. Think of skin infections in the treatment areas, or systemic diseases and autoimmune diseases that result in poor wound healing. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most reliable and most tested dermal fillers in the world. Without additives and produced without animal material. During the (free) consultation, the doctor will ask you a number of questions to map out your medical history, so that your doctor can give you the best advice about what is possible.

NB Legally speaking, doctors are allowed to treat patients cosmetically from the age of 18. This may soon be changed to older than 25 years. Doctors at Soap is in favor of this.

If your age is now between 18 and 25, the doctor will assess during the (free) consultation whether treatment is necessary or not desired. The doctor always retains the option of choosing not to treat.

How quickly do fillers work?

Immediate results are visible, although the final result is only visible after 4-6 weeks. Because there may be a small swelling, it even looks extra good immediately after the treatment. So keep in mind that the effect is less a day later than immediately after the treatment. We are happy to make a follow-up appointment after approximately 2 weeks, in which we together check whether the effect of the treatment is indeed as expected.

How long do you see that you have been treated?

A filler treatment generally leaves no annoying traces. In some places, such as in the treatment of bags under the eyes or lips, you can retain some (extra) moisture. This will disappear after 2-3 days, but keep this in mind if you have representative meetings in the days after the treatment or just want to have photos taken. A bruise is rare - our doctors work quietly, which considerably reduces the chance of bruising - but if this does occur, it takes an average of 3-7 days before it is gone.

How long do fillers work?

One of the great advantages of hyaluronic acid is that the effects are long lasting but not permanent. You are always in control of your appearance. Result is immediately visible and on average the results last 9 months to 1 yr, some even 1.5-2 yrs. Experience shows that the effect can last longer after several treatments. A treatment with hyaluronic acid is natural, non-permanent, but does have long-lasting results. This gives you the freedom of choice for repetition or for adjustments over time or for new developments in technology. Nothing is irreversible ……

Lines and facial contours: usually a follow-up treatment is needed after 6-12 months.

Lip augmentation: usually a follow-up treatment is needed after about 6 months.

Skin rejuvenation and deep hydration: After the first intensive treatment of 3 treatment sessions -with 2-3 weeks between each session- a follow-up treatment is normally recommended every 6 months.

The duration of the final result depends on many factors, such as skin type, lifestyle, age, the degree of perfection desired by the patient and the injection technique used by the doctor.


After giving many injectable treatments, we can generally classify the amount of units used for botulinum toxin and milliliters (ml) for the hyaluronic acid filler treatments very well according to age. With this layout you never pay too much for a treatment. Of course there are always exceptions. Someone aged 37 or 50 can always benefit from a LITE treatment and the number of units and/or ml that go with it. At DOCTORS AT SOAP, each client is advised on the best amount whereby our NO TRACE FACE® the basic principle is maintained.

In general, we can make the following classification so that you can estimate the costs of the treatments you have chosen.

LITE = up to 35 years
MEDIUM = 35 to 45 years
INTENSE = 45 and older

Important to know! Do's & Don'ts

Do not use alcohol or blood thinners/aspirin 24 hours before the treatment. As a precaution, we do not treat women who are pregnant or who are breastfeeding.


  • Use ice pack on treated area to prevent swelling
  • Arnica cream or other anti-inflammatory drugs if necessary.


  • 1st 12 noon:
    Avoid extreme facial expressions, alcohol consumption and makeup.
  • 1st 24 hours:
    Do not perform strenuous activities and do not massage the treated area. Try to sleep with your head slightly higher for 1 or 2 days and try not to lie on the injected zones.
  • 1st 2 weeks:
    Extreme exposure to sun, UV light, freezing temperatures and sauna.

After the treatment you can relax with a drink and if necessary with a cool pack to let the skin relax.
We also make an appointment with everyone after the treatment for a follow-up check, during which the result of the treatment is evaluated using photos taken in advance.

What are the target prices?

Our doctors always look at your question during the free consultation and then discuss the options with you. A treatment with hyaluronic acid filler is from 330 euros. Of course you can start with a LITE treatment and then do another one after a few months and so end up with the MEDIUM. DOCTORS AT SOAP works according to the NO TRACE FACE®principle. Hyaluronic acid filler treatments are therefore always tailor-made and all prices are therefore target prices. SE&O

Is your question not listed?

Please feel free to contact us. This can be done, for example, by e-mail. or by telephone via +31 20 673 0506 (all locations).

Different Filler treatments

Below you will find more information about the different treatments with Fillers that we offer at DOCTORS AT SOAP. We treat bags under the eyes, cheekbones, cheek lines, nasal lip fold, marionette lines, lips and jaw lines.


Fortunately, bags can be treated very well with hyaluronic acid and so you get your fresh and healthy look back. Also check out our Sparkling Eyes treatment. This treats the entire area around the eye with a combination of botulinum toxin and filler.


Saggy cheeks can be a big part of a person's appearance. As one gets older, the volume in this area decreases. This treatment restores volume and can accentuate the cheekbones.

Cheek lines

Sunken cheeks (a natural aging process) often give a nice cheekbone contour, but unfortunately also cheek lines that become longer and deeper. With a cannula, the doctor inserts some hyaluronic acid filler and the lines become less, while the beautiful contour is preserved.

Nasal lip fold

The nasopharynx is the wrinkle that runs from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth. This wrinkle or fold is sometimes already present at a young age and becomes deeper with age due to the loss of volume in the cheeks and the effect of gravity.

Puppet lines

This treatment lifts the corners of the mouth! Like a marionette, the corners of the mouth droop with age. These puppet lines start out as fine lines but can become deeper wrinkles as we age and create. By correcting this in time, these phenomena can almost always be solved.


Full lips are sensual and attractive. Making the mouth and lips more beautiful is therefore very popular. And we can eliminate a common problem such as lipstick drawing into the lip lines. Thanks to the special treatment technique that the doctors of DOCTORS AT SOAP use, the Lip Loupe is an almost PAINLESS treatment that takes care of this.


The jawline is an important and striking contour of the face, for both women and men. In the woman, the jaw regains its V-shape, making you look more powerful and fresher, while in the man it looks stronger.


Treatment at DOCTORS AT SOAP in the picture

Curious about how a Filler treatment works at DOCTORS AT SOAP? Watch the video below and get a good impression.



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