Free consult with doctor

A skilled, honest and clear advice

Doctors at Soap is known for its extensive and skilled consultations. We always take time for every patient. A skilled, honest and clear advice always has our priority. And a good cappuccino, espresso, green tea are part of the experience.

Who carries out the free consultation?
A free consultation is always done by one of our experienced doctors. All doctors are experienced, trained and work according to our no trace face principle. The doctor immediately gives you a good, honest and clear picture of the treatment options. And always gives you the opportunity to be treated immediately.

What happens during a free consultation?
The consultation takes half an hour. You will get a good idea of which treatment suits your wishes best. You can always expect fair and clear advice from the doctor. If you choose to be treated immediately? Then the assistant will take a picture of you and will prepare the materials for your treatment.

Can I be treated immediately?
Certainly. You can. But you don't have to. The doctor gives you clear and honest advice with the possibility of being treated immediately.

I don´t know much about Bo-tox & Fillers, is that a problem?
Not at all. Some people do research before they book a first consultation with us. Others like to be informed during the consultation.