Male bo-tox

"Getting jabs" is the latest trend among men

Is a bo-tox treatment only for women?

Certainly not. More and more men are undergoing treatment with bo-tox. They are increasingly booking "a jab to improve their appearance". Think of removing a large frown line, treating crow's feet, reducing deep forehead wrinkles or giving the corners of the mouth a lift. In recent years we have seen a significant increase in the number of bookings by men. It is striking that most men prefer to treat one area and that they absolutely prefer our no trace face technique: which means that there is visible improvement in the face, without them looking treated.


Is a bo-tox treatment for men different?


Is Bo-tox treatment different for men than for women? That's definitely true. Men have a different skin structure, anatomy, and muscle structure than women. Since muscle building is stronger in men, in most cases we will slightly increase the dose of the botulinum toxin. Our doctors also use a slightly different injection technique than for women. The experience that our doctors now have in treating men is therefore very important.


Do you want to know more about our treatment for men? And the techniques we have developed for this? Be sure to book a free consultation, with the option to be treated immediately.