Laser Facials – Remove pigmentation spots

Laser treatment for facial discoloration

Laser Facials at Doctors at Soap aim to improve skin by preventing skin aging. Do you suffer from age spots? Or do you always have signs of pigmentation in your face or on your hands after the summer because of the sun? Then the Laser Away Resurfacing treatment for remove pigmentation spots is the solution! We use the latest innovation, the DUETTO laser. This is a combined Alexandrite and Nd-YAG laser, which makes it possible to remove discolorations in the face in an effective and safe way. Hello smooth skin!


We offer various Laser facials:


Benefits Laser facial at Doctors at Soap:

  • Safe treatment method
  • Free consultation appointment possible
  • Treatment at multiple locations throughout the Netherlands
  • Treatment by specialized doctors
  • After the treatment, your doctor is always available for questions

Removing pigment stains: Before the treatment

Before the laser facial pigmentation removal, it is important that you have not had any exposure to the sun for 4 to 6 weeks. In addition, we advise not to use self-tanning on the area to be treated 1 week prior to the treatment.

Treatment: Resurfacing Laser Facial

During the Resurfacing Laser Facial treatment you will mainly experience heat development, the laser will feel like pinpricks in the skin.

After the treatment

Immediately after the treatment a superficial scab will form, this will fall off after a few days. Redness around the treated area can last for several hours. Give your skin time to lose heat, avoid heat sources such as a sauna or an intensive workout for 24 hours.


For pigment removal we recommend 1-3 treatments with an interval of 8 weeks. Be advised by one of our skin therapists.

Do's & don'ts

  • 4-6 weeks prior to treatment limited sun exposure or tanning beds
  • 1 week prior to the treatment no use of self tanning
  • 24 hours after the treatment no sauna, long hot bath or intensive workout

Good to know!

Not only lines but also pigment spots can make us look older, did you know that in addition to pigment spots on the face, we can also remove on hands?