Medical peels

Face peeling for skin improvement

The experienced skin therapists of Doctors At Soap are specialized in performing the highly effective peeling for the face (medical peels). By performing a medical peel, the skin structure is effectively improved by removing dead skin cells, resulting in a smooth and fresh-looking skin. Also, blemishes in the face and skin problems such as acneé (scars) or pigmentation spots (for example due to sun damage or old age). Your skin seems reborn!


We offer two Medical Peels treatments:

  • Glycolic Acid Peeling 50-70%
  • TCA Peel


Advantages of medical peeling at Doctors at Soap:

  • Safe treatment method
  • Free consultation appointment possible
  • Treatment at multiple locations throughout the Netherlands
  • Treatment by specialized doctors
  • After the treatment, your doctor is always available for questions

Peeling: Before the treatment

Before the peeling, it is important that you have not had any exposure to the sun for 4 to 6 weeks. In addition, we advise not to use self tanning 1 week prior to the treatment.



Glycolic Acid Peeling 50-70%

Glycolic acid consists of AHA (alpha hydroxy acids), these are small molecules that penetrate the skin and target the damaged skin cells. This peeling can be used for impure skin, coarse pores or superficial pigment. The choice of the intensity of the peeling depends on the desired result and skin capacity.

TCA Peeling

A TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) Peeling is a deep chemical peeling that helps improve the skin structure, evens out the skin complexion and reduces imperfections. This peeling can be used for deeper pigment, coarse skin structure, fine lines and has an anti-aging effect. It improves the skin condition by stimulating the production of young new skin cells.


After the treatment

After the peeling, your skin may be a bit red and feel a bit tight. A few days after the treatment, the skin will ‘crack’ after which you will shed for a few days. After molting, the skin can be a bit dry, it is important to moisturize your skin well. The skin needs an average of a week to recover, to promote this process we recommend moisturizing products and it is important to use an SPF.



Depending on the strength of the peeling, the interval varies from 4-8 weeks. Be advised by one of our skin therapists to draw up a treatment plan.


Do's & don'ts

  • 4-6 weeks prior to treatment limited sun exposure or tanning beds
  • 1 week prior to the treatment no use of self tanning
  • 24 hours after the treatment no sauna, long hot bath or intensive workout


Good to know

A peeling can be used for all skin types at all ages because it can be specifically adapted to your skin concerns!