Yes! Mesobo-tox is live! The skin rejuvenation hit can now be booked at Doctors at Soap.

Result? An all-over, super subtle, skin tightening and smoothing.

The Mesobo-tox is the skin rejuvenation hit of the moment! It is an all-over treatment that rejuvenates, tightens and improves your skin. We start with a light glycolic acid 20% peeling from Prescription. Then a short connective tissue as prep. Then we make a personalized blend of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid from Prescription, which we apply to the skin via microneedling with the Dermapen4. We conclude with a cold algue mask with niacinamide 13%. This provides instant cooling (so that the bo-tox works even better) and makes the skin super smooth and soft.


What can you expect from the Mesobo-tox?

  • Skin tightening. By introducing the botulinum toxin, your skin will not only become more even and calmer, but also tighten. You will see this well after 5 days!

  • Smooth skin. The cocktail of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid will give your skin an even structure, texture and tone.

  • Collagen boost. The microneedles of the Dermapen4 directly stimulate the production of collagen. You will really see this after a few days. Your skin becomes plumper and younger.


Frequently asked questions about the Mesobo-tox:

  • Do I see immediate results? yes, you will immediately see beautiful fresh skin. But after about 5 days you will really notice skin tightening and skin improvement.

  • Does it hurt? The treatment can be experienced as painful. But we end the treatment with a wonderfully cooling and restorative mask. We always ensure that there are sufficient relaxation elements in the treatment, so that you really experience the treatment as pleasant.

  • Am I red after the treatment? Can I continue to work afterwards? Yes, you will be a little red. But we minimize that with a super cooling mask that immediately removes the heat from your skin. You can go to work after the treatment.

  • How often should I do this treatment? You can also do this treatment once. But if you want to keep the result, we recommend doing it every 3 months. The Mesobo-tox is often alternated with other treatments, such as laser facial, bio cupping facial or glycolic acid peeling. Your skin therapist can make a (free) treatment plan for you.

  • Can I exercise after this treatment? No, don't. It is better to leave sports and other intensive efforts for 2 days.

  • Can I clean my face the same day? If it feels good, you can. But certainly only with a mild cleaning. And then apply a soft (plant-beased) cream.

  • Which products can I use to keep seeing results for longer? We always make a personalized recipe for you at home. But we often prescribe the hyaluronic acid 5% + DMAE1% and the retinol palmitate 3.75% from Prescription. Your skin therapist can explain exactly how to use everything and what the results are.

  • What is the price and the duration of the treatment? The price of the Mesobo-tox is €350.00, the treatment takes 60 minutes.


Mesobo-tox treatment