Now Everybody Has The Power To Make Smart Beauty Choices

Prescription enabales Soap Treatment Store and Doctors at Soap to make professional skin care accessible for everyone, right at home. How does that work? Prescription offers a collection of actives and basics that you can mix & match so that you create your own professional skin improvement.

Don't know which actives are suitable for your skin? Then take our skin scan and you will immediately receive a personalized prescription with instructions on how to use the actives.

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An Active? What's That?

Actives are fluids with a high concentration of one active ingredient, which is designed to target and quickly tackle a skin problem. Glycolic acid 10%, mandelic acid 20%, salicylic acid + azalaic acid 7%, retinol palmitate 3.7%, ascorbic acid 20% and hyaluronic acid 5% + dmae 1%. By mixing the actives & matching them with a cleanser or cream will create the best treatment for your skin. 

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