About us

The DOCTORS AT SOAP team consists of doctors, surgeons, skin therapists and assistants who are always aware of the latest techniques and treatments. We would like to introduce our team to you.

A little bit of history….

In 2013, the cosmetic clinics, DOCTORS at SOAP, added to the SOAP Treatment Stores. We made undergoing medical-cosmetic treatment accessible to everyone: long opening hours, affordable, easy booking, free consultations and the best coffee. With a team of top cosmetic doctors and physician assistants, all extra internally trained to according to our own
No Trace Face® philosophy and techniques: you should never look treated, but you should look fresher, younger and more rested.

Skin therapy is now also an important part of DOCTORS at SOAP. A team of HBO-trained skin therapists in combination with the best laser equipment and skin improvement products can effectively treat every skin concern and excessive hair.

What is our drive and passion……

The entire team at DOCTORS at SOAP strives to make everyone fall a little bit in love with themselves again. Sometimes the image you see in the mirror is not the same as the image you have of yourself. You feel young, but your mirror says otherwise. Wrinkles, a skin problem that just won't go away. Or that one insecurity that makes you avoid the mirror. Sin. At DOCTORS at SOAP, with a little help, we ensure that your self-image and your mirror image come together again. To look at yourself with pride again. And fall in love with yourself again. Because in the end it's not about how others look at you, but how you look at yourself.

Will we see you (again) soon at one of our locations?

Have a great day,

David Mosmuller, Esther Meijer & Stephanie Litjens
Owners & management board DOCTORS at SOAP