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Dare to be menu

We offer these treatments for super smooth, refined and beautiful skin without a filter or make-up. Choose the one you need, create your own combination of treatments or ask us for a personalized treatment and home-care advice. Let your skin do the job, not your make-up.

Hello Maastricht... book your  skin therapy treatment now, get 15% off in June

We opened a beautiful, brand new clinic in Maastricht! Where you can go for skin therapy and injectables - just like you're used to. We can't wait!

Age spots

These are pigment spots on sun-exposed skin, also called lentigo senilis or lentigo solaris. They usually develop in old age and are caused by sun damage. They usually appear on the face, but also frequently on the hands and décolleté. Age spots are benign, harmless and do not turn into skin cancer.

Laser hair removal

At Doctors At Soap we treat with the very best lasers available. We can proudly say that we are number 1 in laser hair removal. We can treat all skin and hair types. SMOOTH25 promotion: we now offer a 25% discount on all our hair removal laser treatments.

Healthy sunbathing

The sun is coming out again, great for a healthy tan. But is that color really that healthy? Unfortunately not, the sun is the biggest cause of skin aging. The sun can dry out your skin, which can make the skin look flaky, wrinkled or dull. In addition, pigment disorders can occur, which can cause pigmentation spots. Furthermore, the sun can also damage the collagen in your skin, which can cause your skin to lose firmness and elasticity and fine lines and wrinkles can become visible faster.

Home care

The Coronavirus has gripped us for months. It is now October and we are in a second partial lockdown. With autumn and winter also approaching, we will spend a lot of time indoors in the coming months. I now very often get the question: “How can I best take care of my skin at home?”

Insurance skin therapy treatments: the benefits at Doctors at Soap

At Doctors at Soap we understand that your skin is a very precious asset, which is why we have brought together a team of BIG-registered skin therapists to provide you with the highest quality treatments. What's even better is that many of our treatments are eligible for reimbursement if they are included in your insurance package.

Most booked treatments

View the most booked treatments from Doctors at Soap.

Proud of your neck

The necklines become more visible from about age 30 and especially in the summer when we get a tan they stand out even more. They are actually just bending and movement lines that are created by the folding of the skin. In addition to these lines, the slackening of the skin in the neck is a frequently heard complaint. The so-called turkey neck in particular is experienced as very disturbing.

Safety First

DOCTORS AT SOAP is a medical clinic that meets all the quality requirements of the IGJ (health inspection service) and falls under essential services.

Sweat free

Who doesn't occasionally suffer from excessive sweating? When you are in a hurry and you have to cycle fast, when it is very hot or when you find something very exciting, this is a normal reaction of your body. However, it can also happen that you start to sweat for no apparent reason and if this is also excessive, this is called hyperhidrosis.

The best Lip treatments

At Doctors at Soap we have various lip treatments: Moisturizing lips, Lip lift & Volumizing lips. Don't know which treatment suits you best? Then book the I don't know which lip treatment is best for me.

The tired look

Had a wonderful two or even three weeks on holiday and still a tired appearance. This is a frequently heard complaint in cosmetic practice. A tired look is mainly around the eyes. We age first around the eyes because the skin around the eyes is thin and fragile.

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