No Trace Face® 

Our patented treatment philosophy


Doctors at Soap introduced the No Trace Face® philosophy in the Netherlands right at the start of the clinics in 2013. You should never look treated! Only younger, fresher and more rested.

Doctors at Soap believes that your own face is perfect and that you should stick to it. We have all the techniques in house to allow you to age gracefully or to highlight the most beautiful aspects of your face or to transform your tired look into a rested and fresh look.

We treat in the most subtle way which also translates into a lower price. Less hard lines or fatigue, but your own fresh face.

We have developed our own and unique No Trace Face® treatment techniques. All our cosmetic doctors are internally trained for this by our medical director dr. David Mosmuller.

It is important that you know how a clinic will treat you, because it can quickly look too 'obvious'. And we also don't want everyone to look alike.


Touch-up using the no trace face technique

Restylane fillers doctors at soap - no trace face